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 The Lady Sin

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Lady Sin


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Muse Application
Classification: Slave
Character Race: fae
sexuality: Bisexual

PostSubject: The Lady Sin   Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:07 pm

Rule check 1 and 2 here:
1. Tenacity of purpose
2. Clarity of will


MUN = You

Name/nickname: ~AVA~

Age: 28 ( as of 9/17 )

IM / Email: : Avadedra_Hetarra@yahoo.com


Name: Margarette Gainsforth

Nicknames: Lady Sin, or just Sin; Mags if you REALLY know her

Celebrity or Original Character?: Original Character

If Celebrity: What band? : n/a

Gender: Le Femme

Classification: Slave -> Entertainer at Narcissus in Dreams

Race: Full Blooded Fae; descendant of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Age: fairly old, perhaps in her 7 or 8 hundreds, but only looks to be in her early 20's (about 24)

Sexuality: By the moment ( translates to bi )

Position: By the moment, or as told

Mother of: None thus far


Sin has waist-length black hair, normally worn loose around her face and shoulders, and has bright blue eyes. Her skin is light in tone, her lips dark and her features delicate, yet sharp. Broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, Sin stands in the upwards area of 6' tall, so she can seem a little imposing at times, even though she tries not to be. She has a warm smile, though, putting to use her full lips and sparkling eyes as a manner of disarming or soothing others. On her left shoulder, she has a butterfly wing tattoo that she recieved long before she came into her present status as Slave in the employ of Aoi.

Her clothing falls into a wide range of styles. She can dress sensibly when she's not entertaining, and instead can be a very pretty young woman. Soft fabrics and light colors fill the closet in her little apartment, and all manner of things comfortable and cute find their way onto her. She keeps herself very clean, taking time everyday for personal grooming. Her hair always shines, whether loose or up in a ponytail.

Her costumes, on the other hand, can be both quite elaborate and risque. She pushes the limit of what she can get away with revealing outside of a nude act. From time to time, she will actually argue for a certain cut or style in her costumes, although Aoi more often than not wins and the idea is cast out. Leather and dark colors are found in this part of her clothing, most of which she designs herself.

Sin might seem like a hard-case, but the truth is that she's far from it. Generally a sweet woman, Sin is only brash when her job calls for it. Her demeanor when you first meet her is somewhat closed off until and unless you are able to get to know her. She's very no-nonsense when it comes to dealings with her position as an entertainer and would rather knock you down than talk about it if the moment called for it.

Part of Sin's charm is the fact that she has a crush on Aoi, but pretends not to. She treats it like a game, but only so far as it won't get her into any trouble. Still, at times, when she sees him in the crowd, she will use her show to taunt at him, giving him her attention rather than to the customers.

As she deals in both the white and black magics of her race, Sin has been called bi-polar from time to time. Depending on which flow of power she taps into, her personality tends to match it. As a general rule, though, she tries to keep her attitude light and open. She will, though, come to the defense of her Master/Owner if and when the situation calls for it.

Likes: singing and dancing; her Owner; the club

Dislikes: slobs; being groped

Strengths: flexible/nimble body; beautiful voice

Weaknesses: finery; a few kinks (tba); Aoi

Special characteristics:
Conjurer:: Sin has a few tricks up her sleeve. Although small, she can conjure up a large number of things. Her favorites are birds, which she will use to send little notes to the other slaves/entertainers in the club. It's her way of keeping up friendly relations with those around her. She can also conjure animals up to the size of a German Shephard, dark clouds when her mood takes her, and a number of other things.
Sight:: She can "see" past events when she's in the vicinity of something has occured. In a sense, by focusing her mind and energies, she can recreate a scene in her mind's eye, down to the most minute detail, even if she has never seen anyone involved in her life. This comes in handy when there's a fight or a theft, although the ability can be used for far greater things.
"Flight":: This is actually her uncanny ability to go from one place to another in what seems like a split second. Not quite teleporting, as the Vampires may be able to do, Sin can move through the gaps in the air, similar to a bird riding jet streams. Her body seems fluid in these moments, and her feet don't touch the floor.
As an entertainer and personality, Sin enjoys singing. Her voice is unique and extraordinary. She has a quick wit and a sassy tongue, although she knows how to be respectful when she must.

Character History:
The Lady Sin is disinherited Fae royalty, but she refuses to talk about it. She has been away from her home, outcast, for centuries, and doesn't find it important to dwell upon it. All she will say is that someone, somewhere, spoke out of turn and cost her everything she'd ever known. Quick to adapt, though, Sin, then simply Margarette, was able to carve out a niche in the world.

Perhaps three hundred years ago, she was captured by slavers and sent into her first encampment. Afraid, but brave, she faced this new challenge head on and found, surprisingly, that she quite enjoyed it. At first, she was bought for homes and learned to clean, cook, and serve others in that capacity. Children delighted her when she became something of a nanny. And when she was purchased to use as a sex slave, her mind was blown. Unwilling to return to a life of freedom and self-dependence, Sin allowed herself to be kept in the slave markets. Not unable to take care of herself, Sin always made it known that she does what she does by her own choice. No one forces her into it. Besides, she will tell them, if she did not like things as they were, she was far more powerful than she let on, and could most assuredly free herself from any sort of bondage placed upon her.

Just shy of two years has come and gone since she'd met Aoi and had been bought to work in his club. In a matter of weeks, she will have surpassed the longest length of time she'd ever been someone's slave. She enjoys every moment spent in her work, and not just because she gets to sing. Mostly, it's Aoi that holds her there, her devotion to him stronger even than to any of the children she'd ever been bought to attend to. She's plainly happy where she is, although she wishes at times that for once, she could have something her own way.

RP sample:
Quote :
Closing her eyes, Sin began her breathing routine. A tradition before her time on stage, she would plant a certain image in her mind and focus on it. The lace of her costume shifted across her breasts with each breath, the feathers in the pins holding the hair back at her temples brushing her cheeks. Staring into the darkness of her mind, she brought up the image and began to examine it. Such a soothing sight, this face. Warm and inviting. Strong. Beautiful.

Opening her eyes, Sin leaned forward to touch up her make-up. She needed it just right to catch the club's lighting. A slight twitch to set her collar more precisely. Perfection was key. Smiling at her reflection, she slipped from the chair, smoothing down the skirt she wore. Pleated, trailing in the back but mini in the front, it swayed around her ankles and knees. Taking one more deep breath, she left the dressing area and headed for the stage. She was ready to make the club some money.
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The Lady Sin
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