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PostSubject: RULES AND PUNISHMENTS   Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:50 pm

We are Role Playing characters inspired by our favorite characters from any genre or we are Role Playing Original Characters, but it is FANTASY.  It is not meant in any way to reflect upon the real lives of the celebrities we Role Play.  Have sense people, there is more than one way to conceptualize a Muse and NO ONE has the right the claim that they are the "one and only KYO".   Only Kyo is Kyo, and we are just imitators in the face of astounding talent.


2) This is a literary RP.  That means no two sentence replies.  If you are having a thread in which a conversation is taking place, I can understand short replies but If you make a habit of it, you will be warned.  No one likes to take the time to write out 3 paragraphs only to have your RP partner reply with a single sentence.  Remember we are writing stories together, not chatting on MSN.  

3) When you register use the tag you want to write under.  That way if more than one person wants to have a thread with Aoi from the Gazette they can, they just have to pick which incarnation of Aoi muse they want to play with.  

4)  Activity checks will occur approximately every 2 weeks, to a month depending on my schedule.  If you can't reply at least once a week, I expect you to post in the hiatus thread and to make certain your thread partners know why you are AWOL.  

4) CHILDREN, PREGNANCY AND MPREG - This is meant to be a sensual adult themed forum. For the sake of my sanity and to reduce the headache - no children or pregnancy will be allowed on the forum.  Once you are inside the club special magic prevents breeding.

5) No incest please, and ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE STUFF.  NO LOLI, NO SHOTA, AND NO MUSES UNDER 18.  There should be no mention of underage (under age 18) sex in the back story of any character. Even if the character is a slave or sex slave, in this universe they would not have been used as such before the age of 18. There will be absolutely no inappropriate things done with minors, if you do it you will be BANNED. You have been warned.  No Underage Hanky Panky even in AU.

6) No RAPE of any kind, no non-consensual acts.  Dubious consent might be allowed if both of you agree to it. If there is Dubious consent in your thread or other type material that other's might find offensive, please mark your thread *warning* so that people know not to read it. I realize that this can be a tricky rule, given that we do have slaves. The very concept of slavery basically takes away a person's right to refuse certain things. But this is my fantasy, so NO RAPE people.

7) There will be no RAPE, TORTURE, OR SENSELESS VIOLENCE here.  Though if it plays an important part in your character's history you may mention it but I want no graphic explanations of the event as it could get our forum banned (and you as well) .  

Cool Threads whose content includes material which could be considered graphic, thematically inappropriate for minors or otherwise kinky or offensive (and which do not violate the forum's TOS) will be locked so that only members of the "Narcissus VIP" group can post or read.  In order to be placed in the Narcissus VIP group you must post your REAL year of birth in your profile, thus proving you are over 18.  You must be 18 or older to join.  

9) If your character is something special, ie not human, please limit your powers to 1 major and 1 minor power with limitations for each. We don't want gods here and we don't want any god-modding either.   

10) If you wish to pre-pair up with another muse, that's fine but you must list that information in your character's application and you must be willing to thread with other muses within the confines of your defined relationship.  It can't just be the same two people playing with each other and their 6 muses.  You have to branch out sometime!

11) There will be no discrimination on this forum, not for race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexuality, sexual kinks, or ability to write in english.  IF YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER / WRITER OF ENGLISH PLEASE NOTE THIS IN YOUR APPLICATION.  Grammar and Tense errors as well as spelling errors can be forgiven of someone for whom English is their 2nd, 3rd, 4th (or more) language.  It's UNACCEPTABLE IN SOMEONE WHO GREW UP HERE.  If you're American and you can't write sensibly you will be warned to do a better a job.  It will only help you in the long run if you can learn to write correctly.  *second rule check : clarity of will*

12) If you can't write in english and you wish to write in another language, please either supply an english translation or let us know what language you are writing in so that language translation engines can be applied.  I will try to add Google Translate as an option to the forum for those of you don't speak english.


14) Regarding images. There are to be no shota/lolita images posted on this site, anywhere. That means no avatars, no signatures, and no characters. If you choose to use an anime/animated image for your character it has to look adult. If I reverse google the image and the character is underage in canon I will remove the image and you will be warned. Do it again and I will ban you. Let's be adults, and play adult characters.
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