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Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:06 am by Aoi

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 Aoi's Application

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Muse Application
Classification: Slave Owner
Character Race: Half-Incubus
sexuality: Pansexual

PostSubject: Aoi's Application   Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:06 am

Rule check: I know it but do YOU know it?

MUN = You

Name/nickname:  Eilonwe

Age: 39


Email: PM the admin for I am Goddess of this forum!


Name - Kurotsume Yuu

Nickname: Aoi

Celebrity/Band: The Gazette

Gender – Male

Classification :  Slave Owner.   Aoi has 5 slaves who work as dancers in his club, he owns now personal slaves at this time.  He is open to anyone applying as a muse to be one of his club slaves. PM him if you are interested in the position.  

Race:  Half-Incubus / Half-Human

Age -26 (appears) Actually 36

Sexuality – Pansexual though he likes males more.

Position – every .. he’s surprisingly flexible!

Father of : NO One at this time.

Appearence -
You know what I’m thinking?
My Favorite Drug

Aoi is tall and slender, with the body of a ballet dancer. He has a long torso and a small waist. His long legs are most often covered by a skirt, or an open skirt over skin-tight pants. He rarely wears just pants. It’s not even so much that he’s trying to cross-dress it’s just that he finds skirts less constrictive and more comfortable. They also provide easier access.  He’s comfortable with his masculinity and his sexuality and he doesn’t find the need to prove himself either way. That being said, he does have some rather feminine characteristics.

He tends to speak in a soft voice. He has polite table manners. He has long fingers, and enjoys playing piano and guitar, and he keeps his nails manicured. Most often his nails are black with a white or red French manicure tips. He can also have a very feminine face, though he wears very little make-up. Usually only a little lip-gloss, eyeliner, and perhaps a touch of eye-shadow to bring out his contacts if he chooses to wear them. If he doesn't wear contacts, his eyes are usually a deep amethyst color. Most people think he's wearing contacts anyway because of this.

He has several piercings: a lip ring in the right side of his bottom lip, a belly button ring, and 3 piercings in his right ear, 1 in his left. He bears a tattoo on the back of his neck, which is often hidden by hair. Most people don’t even know it exists. It’s this {不撓 の purpose} kanji phrase inside a celtic knotwork circle. It means “tenacity of purpose”. Aoi got it placed there shortly after his 22nd birthday after a personal tragedy that he rarely even speaks of today.

He was always naturally pale, and prefers the nightlife so he is often mistaken for a vampire.  

Personality – Aoi is at times confident and cocky, sassy and outspoken, shy and quiet. He’s a loyal friend and an inventive enemy. He owns an adult night club and caters to both genders, as he himself is attracted to both. He likes to flirt, but he’s not the kind of guy to “love ‘em and leave ‘em”. It’s never a cold ‘one-night-stand’ quickie in the bathroom with him, he likes to take his time. That would be why there’s a large overstuffed futon in his office. *grin* That being said, he won't turn down a sexual favor and does enjoy casual relations with a few close friends.

Aoi believes in treating women (and very feminine men) like ladies. With courtesy and respect. Rude, Crude assholes need not even enter his club, as they WILL be bodily escorted out if any of his patrons or staff complain about them. This rule also applies to women, as he cannot stand an unlady-like, rude, crude ape of a woman pawing at his staff and patrons either. *shudders*. Though those “women” are escorted, though not man-handled (as much as they’d like to be ), off the premises.

Aoi's slaves are treated almost like family.  They are educated, trained, cared for and practically pampered.  Aoi doesn't sell his slaves's sexual favors.  Customers can look but they cannot touch. His slaves are free to have relations among themselves but they must get his permission to have sex (or a relationship of any kind even friendship) outside of the club staff. This is more for their protection than to be cruel.  Aoi doesn't want his slaves catching diseases or being taken advantage of.  That being said, Aoi does and will not force one of his slaves to sleep with him.  He never wants it to be because they have , but because they want to.  For this reason also, Aoi will not accept sexual favors from a slave who has belonged to him for less than 2 years.  

Aoi is a very sexual being, he just can't help it, his brain is almost always on a sexual track.  Almost everything in everyday life can somehow be turned sexual. Food... drinks.. locations... clothing.. or lack thereof.. you name it, Aoi can probably make a sexual innuendo out of it.  Most of his friends who think he's just human, shake their heads in amazement and wonder why he isn't just one big walking STD.   Once you get past his fixation with sex though, he's actually a pretty deep person.  He likes to read, especially erotic fiction but you guessed that right?  He also enjoys the classics and poetry.  When Aoi is happy, he can get downright bouncy which usually makes his friends and staff cut back on his caffeine intake. Very few friends know the truth of his birth, as he likes to remain mysterious.  Most people simply accept him as a very talented (human) businessman, but a large part of his success (and safety) is due to his father's influence.  

Likes – chocolate, white day, Christmas, kittens, lizards, whine, cognac, butterscotch caramel, and silk fabric. Also loves the full moon.

Dislikes – wintergreen ~it will make him projectile vomit~, rude offensive people, discourtesy, uncouth unladylike women.

Strengths – loyal, tenacious, beautiful, courteous.

Weaknessesa little Vain, ~wintergreen~, That hip groove you can see if someone’s in shape and they wear their pants low- you know that groove that forms a “v” straight down to the prize. It’s the sexiest spot on someone for Aoi and he simply loves to nibble on it…. =^.^=

Special characteristics :

Spontaneous Orgasm: :cat: In a radius of 10 feet around Aoi, once a day if needed, Aoi can cause everyone in that area of influence to experience a Spontaneous Orgasm. The sexual energy released from it can be absorbed by Aoi allowing him to increase healing, or simply refresh his energy stores. However it comes with a price. For 4hrs he’s completely sated sexually and impotent. (no desire and no ability to attain an erection). Which can be a real bummer for his lover (if he has one) if he has to use this ability to defend himself, as this will put him out of commission for half the night. But it’s a valuable price to pay if it saves your life… plus, it’s just a damn fun trick to pull, especially if you’re in a room full of stuck-up prudes who probably haven’t ever experienced a real orgasm in their lives. *slaps own hand ~~ bad Aoi *

Ability to siphon ambient sexual energy :  Aoi can siphon some ambient sexual energy from the crowd enough for wound healing to help prevent him from getting sick.  

Ability to alter the size (length and or girth) of his penis at will the better to pleasure you with my dear.  He can make it 1 1/2 - 3 inches wide and 7-9 inches long. He is uncircumcised.

Limitations of a half-breed  While Aoi's potential life span is longer than a humans, in his particular case (though he doesn't know it) is only about 1,000 years. He cannot mesmerize his prey as true Incubi can.  He has to use his own charisma and charm to get what he wants.  He's slightly stronger than a human but other than that he has normal human eyesight, speed, and agility and hearing. while he has a well-developed sexual appetite and he can gain energy from sex and sexual energy, he actually has to eat food.   He cannot live on sex alone unlike a true Incubus.  He is a bit of a nymphomaniac and gets down right bitchy if he doesn't get laid on a regular basis.  (I guess it's a good thing he has a lot of charm)

Character History – Aoi is the owner of Narcissus in Dreams, as such owns several club slaves.  Aoi is one of the few "corporate" slave-owners to have a good reputation with the slaves as he takes very good care of them.  Usually after 10 years of service he sets them free, some have even chosen to remain on staff as Free-persons.  Aoi is considered to be desirable to work for because he pays well, but his standards are very high.  When he was younger, Aoi himself started out playing in a band.  He Loved teasing the crowd into a frenzy and loved fan-service.  It always seemed to like he got a big energy buzz after a live. Aoi learned from a young age that he was very much interested in sex, though his mother always tried to instill in him that sex shouldn't be treated as simply a physical transaction. And she tried to raise him to act like a gentleman not a slut.

Aoi's mother was raped by an Incubus.  Well, really can you rape the willing?  (yes, yes you can).  Her sorority sisters decided to hold an "initiation ceremony" using an old dusty book they found that was full of creepy looking incantations.  One of the sister's had been overheard talking about the prank they had planned to pull.  For the girls had intended to have a human boy dress up as a demon and pretend to be an Incubus.  (None of the girls had seen one for real, they had just heard of them).  They all thought the idea of calling up a sex demon would be a grand idea and the Incubus Lord who overheard them, relished the idea of taking a virgin.  For their little ceremony they chose Aoi's mom's as the "victim" and tied her to a makeshift altar.  She was 19 and still a virgin.  The Incubus subdued the human male who was meant to make a mockery of his race and decended upon the group of women.  He was tall and gorgeous and blonde, with a deep seductive voice that mesmerized the women.  Aoi's mom never stood a chance as he took his pleasure of her body over and over and over again for hours until he'd left her barely alive and himself sated almost fully.  Being an incubus, he'd made her enjoy, even beg for her degredation, and Aoi's mom was so ashamed by her rape, and her own reaction to her rapist (His incubus powers had made her wonton and needy for all the awfully kinky things he did to her) that she became very prudish regarding sex.  In fact, she began to loathe all males and became a lesbian for a while.

About 8 months after her rape, She gave birth to Aoi.  She had named him Yuu but had started calling him Aoi, after the flower because they were in early bloom when he was born.  Aoi lived up to his nickname too, for he was an 'early bloomer' when it came to wet dreams and all things sexual.  She ended up having to teach him the basics of his body and the "birds and the bees" at a far younger age than most parents. Though she didn't tell him why, nor would she ever speak of his father. By the time Aoi got to highschool he had already read most of the forbidden classics.  "The story of O", the "Beauty" Series by Anne Rampling and "Exit to Eden".  He'd even managed to watch his share of porn for a teenage boy, scoffing that he could do a much better job than those actors could.

When Aoi was 22 he recieved a disturbing letter from his mother, detailing the circumstances of his birth.  His mother could no longer stand the shame of her existence as she watched Aoi grow to become more and more like his father in so many ways. When he went to ask her about it, he found that she had committed suicide rather bloodily.  Eventually Aoi was able to track down his father as he was curious just what the hell he was and what he might become.  He didn't want to use people the way his mother had been used.  Aoi's father refused to acknowledge him among incubus society as his half-breed son, but he's admired Aoi's spunk.  His father was actually a minor prince, and Aoi's ability with his genitals is a mark of his royal blood.  That being said, his father did set him up with a mentor to teach him how to use his incubus powers, and helped him to get the funding and backing he needed to start his club.  Other than that, he and his father have nothing to do with each other and they like it that way.  

RP sample –taken from the thread “Heritage University” on Shattered Vision – wherein Aoi is half-incubis, and seeking a teacher….

Aoi shifted restlessly. He shivered at the almost kiss, his body humming .... wanting more contact with Byou's energy... wanting sex.. something he realized that he rarely went without for more than 24 hrs with so many willing people out there.. and it was coming up on that mark. It having taken that long just find Byou.

"I don't know who I am anymore. I only just found out ... WHAT my father really was. All I knew was that my mom was raped. That was bad enough. Then my mom sends me this letter and when I went over to ask her about it.... she'd.... killed herself. I'm losing control of everything. A part of me hates the thing that destroyed my mom. But... I've never felt like I was evil, and my mom loved me. She never treated me with hatred or scorn... despite the circumstances of my conception... she raised me to ... be considerate... to be a gentleman. I might ... be somewhat of a slut in her eyes, because I didn't settle on just one lover, but I don't think I've ever been a real bastard like some guys. There's something inside me... and I don't want to be controlled by something I don't understand. But I'm kind of scared too. Because until I walked through that door and met you.... such things as you only existed on the movie screen. I'm so far over my head..... and I don't think I know how to swim."

Aoi took a few steps closer to Byou.. "Byou-sensei... will you teach me to reconcile the two halves of what I am? Help me understand the part that's not human? I know I don't really have any right to ask anything of you... but then again... I don't have anyone else I can ask questions to. No one else who will understand what I'm going through. I can't guarantee though that I'll always be the perfect student... I um... don't submit to authority figures very well, unless I can clearly see the reason for it. I'm just not into the whole blind obedience thing. but I'll try to listen and I'll try to be a good student. If you can be patient with me because I'm still kind of in shock..."[/quote]

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Aoi's Application
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