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 Tori the Shape Shifter

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PostSubject: Tori the Shape Shifter   Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:29 pm

~tenacity of purpose, clarity of will~


Name/nickname: Ryu

Age: 22 (23 in December)

Email: little2727devil2009@yahoo.com


Name: Ute, Tori

Nicknames: Commare`, Ryu

Celebrity or Original Character? Character is based off of the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and the dragonborn theme of Skyrim, with a little bit of Commare` from the book "Blood Rights" mixed in, but this particular character is an Original Character.

Gender: Female

Classification: Slave

Race: Full Blood Shape Shifter

Age: Unknown (around 23)

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Position: Uke (not very dominating)

Mother of: none

Appearance: Her silvery golden hair reaches in thick curly and wavey locks down to her buttocks and her eyes are like silvery blue clouds with small little flakes of gold. She has a thin, but well rounded face that holds a look of innocence and her smile is surrounded by full red lips with brilliantly white teeth (her k-nines are rather sharp for what appears to be human). She has a slender figure, though is well endowed and is often dressed in light blue fabrics that are nearly see through, light and flowing. Her skin is almost luminescent and she has golden tattoos covering her body from the tops of her feet to where her neck and skull meet. These tattoos are very similar to the ritual tattooings of another race, the Commare`, and it is only a trained eye that can tell the difference. While the Commare` have segeals that contain floral designs and mere patterns and prayers that only their masters are allowed to see the full extent of, this particular group that Tori is from has golden seals all over the body with patterns that represent who and what Tori is and only in connecting them will reveal her true form.

This is the best picture of how I want her face to look. The dragon is the perfect scale model of her dragon form, however I invisioned it white.

These two dresses are what I invisioned that Tori would wear often within her cages. The blue one is more relaxed in my mind without the stomach metal binding.

This is how I envisioned her hair color, skin, and tattoos looked like.  

Personality: Since she was born, Tori was quiet. She doesn't talk much, but she loves to sing. She is not cold when she is quiet, rather it is a serene silence and she often hums when she is happy, and only sings when her owner asks her to or when she's lonely.

Tori is a bit of glutten for attention. Being as she's often in a large gilded cage, that's what helps her from going insane is the attention she gets from her master or others passing by. She speaks two languages; one is the universal language of English (it is often mixed with an old english touch to it with a more modern slang) and the language of her people, though not many people know what it is, and she uses this to her advantage.

Gold doesn't interest her like people think it interests dragons. In fact, the only reason that they collect gold is to lay on it to make their underbellies less of a liability.

She also has the attention span of a knat. One moment she'll be thinking one thing and following along, the next she's off in a day dream (there's not much else to do, when you're in a cage most of your younger adulthood). Her moods are like fire though, beautiful from a distance, up close is a little warm, and inside, you'll get burned. She gets burnt out on things easily, too. She's artistic and friendly, but only for moments and then she's depressed and destructive.

Her one redeeming quality is that she is rather patient with most situations, especially if they are considered rather important or sensitive.

Likes: Fire, the sound of other languages, singing, flowers (particularly red roses), the feel of someone running their fingers over her golden tattoos, the singing of birds (especially cardinals), and the laughter of people, wooden instruments (especially cellos and violens)

Dislikes: being alone, negative people (though she has her moods), cats, death

Strengths: Singing, has kept her mind while being in a cage, has patients when she really needs it, fire.

Weaknesses: She is not very strong in stature, in fact, if it weren't for her heritage, she'd be down right fragil. Her good weaknesses are the smell of roses and hearing people laugh. Some real weaknesses would be the cold (she can get sick if not warmed quickly) and her belly is the softest area of her body which makes it the most vulnerable.

Special characteristics: shape shifter, form: Dragon; can manipulate fire in human form and cannot be burned, in dragon form can breathe fire plus human abilites; can speak with 'words of power'* in both forms; dragon language is a soothing aid to tired or angry creatures (humans included) and singing (she has a talent for it) of the language amplifies this calmness; the golden seals on her skin represent her form and the words of power that she can use. Some of them are repeated over her body and the connecting of these will result in her changing.

Character History:

Tori was born in the middle of the day on one of the warmest days of the summer. Her family was all she had. Several years before she was born, her kind had been hunted for their scales due to them being perfect for creating durable clothing (some of the toughest) and their teeth because they were believed to grant a longer life (this was proven against after most of the species had been hunted to it's last surviving few).

Tori grew up under the care of her mother and father, grandmother and aunt. For most of her life with them, her family taught her their natural language and every year on her birthday, the women of the group would teach the child a new word that would help protect herself. On her sixth year of life, she was taken away from her family. She had been out and about in the forest, playing with some straw dolls her mother had made for her when a vampire came through the unmarked path towards her. Tori's fair skin and golden words written in seals over her body had confused the traveling vampire into thinking that she was a rogue Commare`'s child.

He took her away and locked her in his home, keeping her in a room much like a jail cell. Commare` were rare to just find wondering around; they are human bred for the sole purpose to feed elder vampires the finest tasting blood (much like wine to a vampire) that there is to offer. The man felt lucky to find one just running around in the woods.

Tori's blood is very oddly warm for what appears to be human, but it is not as such a sweet necture like that of the Commare`'s. Finding this out not too terribly long after capturing her, the man grumbled about for several weeks trying to figure out what to do with her. Meanwhile, her family had given up their search for the little girl, accepting painfully the thought that their child had most likely been claimed by yet another hunter.

From here, the man figured that he would take her to a near by villiage where it held a home for Commare`. Still not understanding that she was not of the human sacraficing women, he traded her to the owner of the house for some gold for his trouble and the women took her in.

Immediately, the elder women found out exactly what she was, but not sure as to where she could have come from, they sheltered her under their house.They kept her hidden for many years and studdied the shape shifter's rituals alongside their own and on her birthday, continued her training and taught her the words of power that she would need to know as well as a few techniques of their own to even better assist her.

However, they could not keep her hidden for ever and eventually, she had people calling on her to be their blood donor and entertainment. Most Commare` girls knew how to dance with swords, but trying to teach her how to use a sword proved useless. She had no need for one and she was rather clumsy, despite her graceful appearence. However, one night, the women heard a soft melody coming from within their house walls and they followed it to the girls room where she sat on her window sill and sang in the language of the dragons. This is where she was given the name "Ute, Tori" or "Song Bird", what her name was before that, is uncertain.

Tori was eventually sold to a vampire master that could tell that she was not Commare`, but he enjoyed her singing. He kept her in a golden cage for a while, coming up to hear her sing and dot on her. When she turned 20, he started to feed on her and use her for more than just light entertainment.

Her slow aging process kept him entertained for many years, but she did start to grow older and mature more and after a while, the vampire took her to a slave trader vendor and sold her off to the man. She knew no comfort like behind the vampires walls. She was still treated nicely, due to the fact that she was the rarest and oddest trade they'd ever had.

She wasn't traded out often and through the vendors and owners she has seen, the only time she escapes the iron and golden cages are when she's allowed to walk around or pleasure her masters in a way they see fit.

Now she sits in a new cage, waiting to see who might buy her now.

*Words of Power is a reference to Skyrim's dragon language. Certain words in the dragon language can be used for destruction or neautral abilites. For example: Fus is Force, a word, that when used, can send a current of energy to knock back an opponent. Tori can only use Words of power that are fire related or are neutral, like "Laas" or "Life" a word here that can reveal life essence to the caller. Only dragons and those with dragon blood can use words of power without practice, and even with practice, not many people can master the voice. Infact, quite a lot of people can rip their vocal cords if not trained properly.

RP sample:
Her eyes looked up through the bars of her prison and she sighed softly, playing with the white silk cloth that she was forced to wear. She didn't complain about it however. It was clean and she was kept clean every day. She was a rare jewl in a heap of trash. Not that she thought the other slaves were trash, but in comparison in looks, she was well fed, cleaned, and kept in nice clothing no matter what. She was the first thing that customers saw and the last because no one, could afford her price that the owner of the slave trade had set on her. She assumed it was due to the fact that he didn't want to let her leave.

"Sing for me dear." He said softly, holding out a gold coin as she took it into her hand and felt the cool surface of either side, letting it roll around in her fingers for a bit and swallowed a dry knot in her throat, which the man took the hint and slipped her some water to drink.

Nao daar revak golt
drey Freda zahrahmiik ek Laas,
ful tol ek pogaan kiir filok,
ahrk osos sul qahnaar ek hokoran.

Het nok Yngnavar Gaaf-Kodaav,
wo drey Yah moro nau Frod do Krosis,
nuz sinon
siiv dinok ahrk dukaan.

Het man faasnu ronaan Undveld,
aar, kriid grohiik,
ahrk drog do Lot Nir.

Nonvul Bron, dahmaan daar rok do fin Fodiiz Bormah
- Ni los heyv do enook
mun wah lahney voth ahkrin ahrk zin,
leh rok Feim vodahmin kotin vulom.

She knew that the other had no idea what she had said, but his face was calm and happy as he sighed and sat back, enjoying the melody before he looked towards the door. A potential customer...
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Tori the Shape Shifter
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